Frequently Asked Questions


How to buy

An object you like, a price too low, too good to be true, beware! Ask the seller questions about what you want to buy.
Minérali-market is not an auction site but you can make an offer to the seller to try to get the product at a better price. To do so, you can contact the seller either by email or by chatting on the product page.


Accept payments by bank transaction, paypal, cash, refuse any payment (Anonymous) by Western Union or any other company in the same style. Paying by Paypal often gives you “buyer protection”.

Before you buy…

Before buying, check how long the seller has been active on our site, check his other ads, his ratings and contact him personally.  Check the seller’s data on the internet and/or check the seller’s telephone data.


To have its shop page, you must first subscribe. In your account you have on the left a tab ” store “, you can add all your contact information as well as the opening hours of your physical store and header photo.


As far as possible your password should be unique, never give your password to another person. If you are in contact with our services, we will never ask you for your login details.

Change my personal data.

To change your personal details you need to go to > My Account > Account Details.
Here you can change all fields except the username field.

To change your password you need to go to > My Account > Account Details and check the box > Change my password.


I received an e-mail from, but I doubt its origin. What do I have to do about it?
If you have a doubt about the origin of an e-mail, you can forward it to us at
The team strives on a daily basis, with your help, to keep the site “clean” and clear. We do not hesitate to remove suspicious ads that are brought to our attention. If it is obviously a case of fraud, has the right to block suspicious profiles.

Problème lors d’une transaction, vente, achat ou echange.

Vous avez un problème ou un différent avec la personne avec qui vous avez fait la transaction? Essayer de discuter avec la personne pour arriver à un compromis. Dans la négative, faites nous en part, nous contacterons la personne autrement faites appel à une aide juridique.
Minerali-market n’est qu’un intermédiaire qui n’a aucun pouvoir de décision. Nous ne sommes pas responsable des annonces, écrits, envois et de quelque autre chose de ce qui se trouve sur le site, chacun des annonceurs est responsable de ce qu’il place sur le site